Second Language Acquisition Theories

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Second Language Acquisition Theories
1 Stephen Krashen
1.1 We all acquire language the same way
1.1.1 Right way for language acquistiton Acquiring language by understanding the messages Understanding what they said not how they said it Visual ques Transfer knowledge from previous understanding "Talking is not practicing"
1.1.2 Wrong way for language acquisition Repeat after me Write some lines Repaeating the new language LOUDER Pick and plug words in a sentence
2 Jim Cummins
2.1 Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills
2.1.1 Basic Skills Listening Speaking
2.2 Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
2.2.1 Proficiency must be there prior to transfer into a second language
3 Noam Chomsky
3.1 Universal Grammer
3.1.1 Each Language may have its own unique features. But.... Every language shares the same basic themes Nouns Adjectives Verbs
4 R.C Anderson
4.1 Adaptive Control of Thought
4.1.1 Declarative Knowledge Schemas Stored in long term Images Stored in long term
4.1.2 Procedural Knowledge Long Process in which humans acquire knowledge to do an activity.
5 B.F. Skinner
5.1 Behavioralism
5.1.1 Stimulus, Responce, and Reinforcement Alot of Repetition Positive and Negative Reinforcement to pick up grammatical patterns and thus acquire the second language
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