Affective Citizens

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Affective citizens mind map.

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Affective Citizens
1 Geography
1.1 Use a map scale
1.2 Support a clean water project
1.3 Captain a ship across the sea
1.4 Work in a Diamond mine in Sierra Leone
1.5 Write a travel guide to Indonesia
1.6 Protect wildlife
1.7 Study jungle Pygmies
2 History
2.1 Analyze past battles
2.2 Organize causes of events from BC
2.3 Study Bantu tribes
2.4 Radio-carbon date the age of dinosaur bones
2.5 Analyze events of Ming Dynasty
2.6 Make a timeline of Indus River Civilizations
2.7 Teach about ancient Egyptians
2.8 Study religious beliefs
2.9 List effects of an invasion
3 Economics
3.1 Make a budget
3.2 Trade with Chinese company
3.3 Move your company products to another state
3.4 Design and trade auto parts
3.5 Decide amount of goods to produce
3.6 Predict population density
4 Government
4.1 Gather evidence to choose a position
4.2 Participate in a formal debate
4.3 Run for city council
4.4 Know the Bill of Rights
4.5 Identify governments
4.6 Represent USA in Kenya
4.7 Write a petition
4.8 Contact Representative to fix a problem
4.9 Attend a Political rally
4.10 Be a police officer
4.11 Represent a criminal defendent
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