Effective Citizens

Ian Swanson
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Ian Swanson
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Effective Citizens
  1. Government
    1. Form an opinion
      1. Make a Backed-Up Debate
        1. Find Different Government Types
          1. Contact Officials
            1. Make Petitions
              1. Stand Up for Their Political Beliefs
                1. Represent the Country
                  1. Contribute to Their Cities
                    1. Fight for Freedom
                      1. Defend the Law
                        1. Learn Our Rights
                        2. History
                          1. Think About Past Battles
                            1. File Events from B.C.
                              1. Study Other Cultures
                                1. Record Events
                                  1. Teach About Ancient Civilizations
                                    1. Date Fossils
                                      1. Analyse the Roots of Countries
                                        1. Make Timelines
                                        2. Geography
                                          1. Use a Map Scale
                                            1. Understand Different Religions
                                              1. Protect Wildlife
                                                1. Participate in Clean-Water Projects
                                                  1. Explain the Best Way to get Somewhere
                                                    1. Discover Foods That Different Cultures Eat
                                                      1. Discover Populations of Countries
                                                      2. Economics
                                                        1. Make a Budget
                                                          1. Hire Services
                                                            1. Makes Good Business Decisions
                                                              1. Make Deals With Other Companies
                                                                1. Work in Companies
                                                                  1. Work in a Mine
                                                                    1. Make Businesses
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