Effective Skills of a Citizen

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Effective Skills of a Citizen

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Effective Skills of a Citizen
1 Economics
1.1 Design and sell auto parts
1.2 Make a household budget
1.3 Make trading deals with other countries
1.4 Contact your representative to solve a problem
1.5 Write or sign a petition
1.6 Support Clean water projects
1.7 Hire a distribution company to transport your goods
1.8 Be a police officer
1.9 Decide how many goods to produce this quarter
1.10 Use data to predict the population density for your city in 20 years
2 Geography
2.1 Use a map scale
2.2 Understand different religious beliefs and their impacts on life
2.3 Work on protecting Wildlife
2.4 Learn the favorite foods of jungle Pygmies
2.5 Write a travel guide to Indonesia
2.6 Captain a ship across the Atlantic
2.7 Work in a diamond mine in Sierra Leone
3 History
3.1 Teach about Ancient Egyptians
3.2 Analyze past battles
3.3 Organize causes of events from BC
3.4 Analyze the major events of the Ming Dynasty
3.5 Make a timeline of the Indus River Civilazations
3.6 List effects of an invasion
3.7 Radio-carbon date the age of dinosaur bones
3.8 Know the Bill of Rights
4 Goverment
4.1 Run for City Council
4.2 Identify different types of governments
4.3 Go to a political rally
4.4 Represent the USA in other countries
4.5 Get evidence to choose a side on an issuse
4.6 Be in a formal debate with factual evidence
4.7 Represent a defendant at a criminal trials
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