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Effective Citizenship


Social Studies Effective Citizenship
Anna Dietz
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Anna Dietz
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Effective Citizenship
  1. Goverment
    1. Run for city council
      1. Go to a political rally
        1. Identify different types of goverment
          1. Gather Evidence
            1. Be a police officer
              1. Know the Bill of Rights
                1. Participate in a debate
                  1. Contact a representative
                    1. Write/sign a petition
                      1. Represent the USA
                        1. Represent a a defendant
                          1. Use data to predict future population density
                          2. Geography
                            1. Work on protecting wild life
                              1. Use a map scale
                                1. Work in Diamond mine
                                  1. Support clean water projects
                                    1. Live among various Bantu tribes
                                      1. Write a travel guide
                                        1. Captain a ship
                                          1. Know the favorite foods of jungle Pygmies
                                          2. History
                                            1. Analyze past battles
                                              1. Organize causes of past events
                                                1. Teach about Ancient Egyptians
                                                  1. List effcts of an invasion
                                                    1. Radio-carbon date dinosaur bones
                                                      1. Analyze the Ming Dynasty events
                                                      2. Economics
                                                        1. Make a household budget
                                                          1. Design and sell auto parts
                                                            1. Make a deal with a Chinese company
                                                              1. Understand different religious beliefs
                                                                1. Hire a distribution company
                                                                  1. Decide how many goods to produce
                                                                    1. Make a deal with the Chinese
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