Effective Citizens

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effective citizens mind map

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Effective Citizens
  1. Geography
    1. Use a Map Scale
      1. Support Clean Water Projects
        1. Protect Wildlife
          1. Write a Travel Guide
          2. Live among the Bantu Tribes
            1. Learn the Foods of jungle Pygmies
          3. Government
            1. Participate in a Debate
              1. Write/Sign a Petition
                1. Represent the US as an Ambassador
                  1. Understand Different Religious Beliefs
                  2. Represent a Defendent
                  3. Identify Types of Government
                    1. Contact a Representitive
                      1. Run For City Council
                        1. Know the Bill of Rights
                          1. Go to a Political Rally
                            1. Gather Evidence to choose a Position about an Issue
                        2. History
                          1. Analyze Past Battles
                            1. Organize Events from BC
                              1. Teach about Ancient Egyptions
                                1. Make a timeline of the Indus River Indians
                                2. List the Effects of an Invasion
                                  1. Date the age of Dino Bones
                                    1. Analyze the Ming Dynasty Events
                                3. Economics
                                  1. Make a Household Budget
                                    1. Hire a Distribution Company
                                      1. Predict Population Density for your City in 20 years
                                    2. Work in a Diamond Mine
                                      1. Design and Sell Auto Part
                                        1. Make a Deal with a Chinese Company
                                          1. Captian a Ship
                                          2. Decide How Many Goods to Produce
                                            1. Be a police officer
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