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Quadratic Mindmap


Quadratic Mind-Map Definitions and Pictures
Gabriela Lopez0163
Mind Map by Gabriela Lopez0163, updated more than 1 year ago
Gabriela Lopez0163
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Quadratic Mindmap
  1. Axis of Symmetry
    1. Definition: Vertical line going through the parabola and the vertex
    2. Vertex
      1. Definition: The lowest or highest point on the parabola
      2. Parabola
        1. Definition: A U shaped symmetrical curve, formed like an arch
        2. Minimum
          1. Definition: The lowest point of the parabola, when the parabola is opened up
          2. Maximum
            1. Definition: The highest point of the parabola when the parabola is upside down
            2. X-Intercepts
              1. Definition: Points where parabola passes the x-axis.
              2. Y-Intercepts
                1. Definition: Point where parabola passes the y-axis
                2. Zeros of the function
                  1. Definition: Also known as the "roots" of the parabola. An input value hat produces and output of zero
                  2. Roots of the Equation
                    1. Although roots are known as the zeros the difference is that zeros is in function and roots is in equations. The roots of an equation are where the parabola passes the x-axis and is the solution to the equation.
                    2. End Behavior
                      1. Definition: The behavior of the graph as "x" approaches positive infinity or negative infinity
                      2. Discriminant
                        1. Definition: Expression given from under the square root sign in teh quadratic formula.
                        2. Difference of squares
                          1. Definition: The subtractions of two squares terms is a squared term minus from another squared term
                          2. Perfect square trinomial
                            1. Definition: Consists of the square of the first term of binomial, double the product of binomial's first and last term, and the square of the last term of binomial
                            2. Factors of a Quadratic
                              1. Definition: Finds the roots or x-intercepts of the quadratic equation.
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