Leopold's Maneuvers


Method of palpating fundus to feel fetal lie, presentation, position, engagement, and attitude
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Leopold's Maneuvers
  1. 1. Fetal Lie
    1. Transverse or Oblique
      1. Head and butt at the sides of the fundus
      2. Longitudinal
        1. Head and butt in line with the mother's spine
        2. Feel top of fundus with both open palms, fingers toward mother's head
        3. 3. Presentation
          1. Denominator
            1. Occiput
              1. Longitudinal lie, cephalic presentation
              2. Sacrum
                1. Longitudinal lie, breech presentation
                2. Acromion Process
                  1. Transverse lie, shoulder presentation
                3. C-shaped hand just above pubic bone
                  1. Head=cephalic
                    1. Butt=breech
                      1. Transverse=shoulder
                    2. 4. Fetal Position
                      1. Open palms, fingers pointed down toward mother's pubic bone and on either side of the fundus, feel for the position of the baby
                        1. Posterior
                          1. Occiput and back closest to mother's sacrum
                          2. Anterior
                            1. Occiput and back closest to mother's pubic bone
                            2. Transverse
                              1. Presenting part to either side
                            3. 2. Find back and small parts
                              1. Feel sides of fundus with open palms, fingers facing up toward mother's head
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