Dehydration aide

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Dehydration aide
  1. Materials
    1. Electronics and mechanics
      1. Timers
        1. Digital
          1. Egg timer
            1. Sand timer
            2. Lights
              1. Linked to timer
                1. Change colour
              2. Inks
                1. Hydrochromic inks
                  1. Screen printing
                    1. Spray coating
                  2. Plastic
                    1. HDPE
                      1. High tensile strength
                        1. Chemical resistant
                          1. light weight
                            1. Moisture resitant
                        2. Customer
                          1. Children
                            1. Concentration levels in classrooms
                              1. More hydrated = more concentration
                                1. Maximising water intake benefits:
                                  1. Brain function
                                    1. Body regulation
                                      1. Balancing moods and emotions
                                    2. Dehydration links to:
                                      1. Headaches
                                        1. Tiredness
                                          1. light-headedness
                                        2. Drivers
                                          1. NHS test was done on drivers when dehydrated and hydrated
                                            1. Double mistakes were made on driving simulator when dehydrated
                                              1. Therefore linking hydration and driving performance
                                                1. Links back to children as the customer meaning they wouldn't do as well when tested in lessons
                                          2. Function
                                            1. A bottle which reminds children in classrooms to drink throughout their lessons in order to maximise their effeciency in school
                                              1. How to alert child:
                                                1. Light from bottle to signify when to drink
                                                  1. Sand timer runs out reminding child to drink
                                                    1. Something would pop up to notify the child to drink
                                                      1. Hydrochromic inks signify how much water is left in the bottle
                                                        1. Something which attaches to the bottle as an indicator to drink
                                                          1. Flashes/lights up
                                                            1. Changes colour
                                                              1. Makes a sound
                                                                1. something pops up
                                                          2. Aesthetics and ergonomics
                                                            1. Colours
                                                              1. Bright colours for young children
                                                                1. More attractive to children
                                                                2. Colours which standout to ensure the child is aware of the bottle
                                                                  1. Meaning the the bottle is memorable - links to function and purpose
                                                                3. Texture of bottle/application
                                                                  1. Smooth
                                                                    1. So the product doesn't irritate the child's skin
                                                                    2. No sharp edges/corners
                                                                      1. Ensuring the child doesn't come into any harm using the product
                                                                    3. Shape and size
                                                                      1. Have to fit into the average childs hand
                                                                        1. So the child doesn't have to strain to use the product
                                                                        2. Unusual shape
                                                                          1. Would appeal better to children
                                                                            1. Cant be too obscure
                                                                              1. Has to fit into the average child's school bag
                                                                          2. Weight
                                                                            1. Has to be light weight
                                                                              1. Carried in a school bag
                                                                                1. Too heavy could cause back strain for the child
                                                                                2. To be carried by hand cannot be too heavy where child would struggle to use bottle
                                                                            2. Size
                                                                              1. Environment
                                                                                1. Cost
                                                                                  1. Safety
                                                                                    1. Contacts
                                                                                      1. NHS
                                                                                        1. Conversation with nurse at the royal in leicester
                                                                                        2. Primary and secondary schools
                                                                                          1. Manufactures
                                                                                            1. Toys and child products
                                                                                              1. Plastic bottles
                                                                                                1. Similar products
                                                                                                  1. How product could be manufactured
                                                                                                    1. Additional / alternative ideas
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