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Families by Amy King
  1. No one family is the same.
    1. Single parent with children
      1. This is typically a female headed family with one or more children
        1. There are also families headed by the male and they are gaining ground every year
          1. Challenges include: Parent fatigue, poverty, lost wages when parent has to take off to care for sick child.
      2. Adoptive families
        1. Could be one parent or married couples with children that weren't born to them.
          1. This also can include domestic and international born children. I like to also include foster or kinship care.
            1. Challenges include: Children who feel abandoned, and possible behavior problems.
        2. Bi-racial families
          1. Each parent is of a different race and produce a child of mixed race.
            1. Challenges include: Not fitting in with other children, and confusion
          2. Co-habitating adults with children
            1. Each adult may bring other children from previous relationships into the home.
              1. They have children born into the relationship.
                1. Challenges include: Many parents are choosing not to get married, since divorce is so high
            2. Blended families
              1. One or both parents have children from previous relationships
                1. Half brothers and sisters could also be born into the family
                  1. Challenges include: The feeling that the other parent isn't theirs, lack of belonging, and behavior problems for the non parent.
              2. Grandparents raising grandchildren
                1. When the birth parents are unable to care for the children.
                  1. Grandparents sometimes struggle with being able to care for their grandchildren well because of their own health.
                    1. Challenges include: child not feeling like a part of a "typical" family, feeling like they can't do as much based on their grandparents health.
              3. Married parents with children
                1. Many families are having less children
                  1. Many families include pets instead of more children
                    1. Challenges include: Married parents with children still make up a majority of families, however due to divorce it is losing ground.
                2. Family: People who live together for their own best interests and can be related by blood, marriage or adoption.
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