Why learn English?

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Why learn English?
1 to educate yourself
1.1 to understand movies in English
1.2 to read books in English /English =the most published language worldwide (= around the world)
1.3 to understand games / songs in English
1.4 to go on the internet/ a lot of websites are in English/ to have access to information on the web
2 to find a job
2.1 to earn more money / have a good job
2.2 to work in an international company
3 to study abroad (=not in France)
3.1 to take lessons at university / go to college in a foreign country
4 bilingual people are sexy ! People like foreign accents
5 to travel
5.1 To speak to English natives/ English is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world/ the official language in 54 countries
5.2 to communicate with foreigners
5.2.1 English is a lingua franca (= a go-between language)
5.2.2 there is a billion English speakers around the world.
6 to make a career in science (doctor, physician, scientist...)
6.1 scientific periodicals (=magazines) are in English/ important for scientists
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