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  1. Lan
    1. Local area network
      1. A small group of networks linked together
        1. If you are in a local area network the head of the network can see all your stuff and the things you have been looking at
      2. Wan
        1. Wide area network
          1. A wide area of networks
        2. encription
          1. when the data is scrambled
            1. It is important that your data is safe when it is being sent because if its not scrambled people can get hold of your details
          2. passwords
            1. To help from people logging in to private accounts
              1. This important because people can mess around with your account
            2. surver
              1. Is used to share files and can also manage the security loggings of network
              2. phisical sucurity
                1. can stop unwanted people accesing your account
                2. firewall
                  1. is to stop data being sent out or received to the computure
                  2. decription
                    1. Is when you unscramble a encryption to understand it
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