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Kasper Budny
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Kasper Budny
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  1. Passwords
    1. password is needed to stop another person from logging into your account.
      1. lan)
        1. With lan you can connect to other computer share files,music and connect to printer.
      2. (Wan
        1. wan is lan but its wider and bigger so you can share files music etc. in whole world wan also makes that you can view sites, play games on internet.
        2. Server
          1. Server is for sharing files,programs and manage security and logins of network you can access the server by password.
            1. Firewall
              1. Used to stop data being sent or received by the computer.
                1. Encryption
                  1. Used to scramble data being sent over a network so that it can't be read unless you have the "key" key is for to unscramble message code and there is different types of codes to get message you need to unscramble code decrypt it by a key.It's important to encrypt you message because if you don't any people/hackers can read your message
                    1. User access levels
                      1. Different users have different privileges.
                      2. Physical security
                        1. Can stop unwanted people from accessing the hardware. for example a lock.
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