Keywords for IT

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Keywords for IT.

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Keywords for IT
1.1 LAN is Local Area Network
1.1.1 This is used so that computers that are in the same building are all connected to one network.
2.1 WAN is Wide Area Network
2.1.1 This is used so that computers in a different country can connect to a website or something like that in another country.
3 Passwords
3.1 Passwords are needed to stop other people from logging into your account.
3.1.1 Passwords help stop people from hackig into your accounts .
3.1.2 Passwords are used on websites like facebook , twitter , instagram and many other social medias.It is also used for things like banks and ebay.
4 Server
4.1 A server is used to share files and can also manage the security and logins of network.
4.1.1 This will mean everyone logging inot the surver will have to be checked to see if they are a member of that surver and if hey arnt thye wont be able to log in.
5 Physical security
5.1 Physical security can stop unwanted people from accessing the hardware.For example using a lock.
5.1.1 If you didnt have physical security someone could go and steel your computer or hardwar.
5.1.2 Physical security is used in places like school and stores because then people cannot steel your hardwhere.
6 Firewall
6.1 Firewall is used to stop data being sent out or received by the computer.
6.1.1 This helps stop other people from steeling your files that you are sending to another computer.
7 Encryption
7.1 Used to scramble data being sent over a network so that it cant be read unless you have the key or code.
7.1.1 This will mean that anyoe who is trying to get hold of your file that you are sending wont b able to read any of it because it will be all scrambled up and they would have to have somesort of code to decode it.
7.1.2 Cipher A cipher is a way of encription and decription you make a way of encripting your message to hid its real meaning. like you could use a number cypher or you could use Caesars cypher.
7.1.3 Things that require encryption is wireless networks and banks also it is is used for anything that requires a log in to get into the account or thing that you are using.
7.2 Decryptin is when you decrypt a piece of infomation.
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