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Owen Horrill
Mind Map by Owen Horrill, updated more than 1 year ago
Owen Horrill
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  1. WAN
    1. LAN
      1. Firewall
        1. Password
          1. Encryption
            1. User access levels is that different users have different privileges
              1. Servers is used to share files programs and can also manage the security and logins of the network
              2. Server
                1. wide area network
                  1. local area network
                    1. user access levels.
                      1. local area network are computers which are linked together in a small area
                        1. wide area network are computers which are linked together across a larger space
                          1. Firewall used to stop data being sent out or received by the computer .
                            1. Encryption used to scramble data being sent over a network so that it cant be read unless you have a key
                              1. Password is needed to stop another person from logging into your account
                                1. Physical security can stop unwanted people from accessing the hardware. for example a lock .
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