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  1. wan is a bigger area of network that is conected to the internet that we all conncet to.
    1. wan [wide area network.]
    2. lan is a local area of network like a school for the computers and the students .
      1. lan [local area network.
      2. passwords you need them for all differant sorts of things like laptop bank and school you need them so people can't get into you accounts .
        1. passwords
        2. firewall.
          1. to stop unwanted dater to acsess your computerunless you want it to be reaseaved .
          2. you need to key to decryped the cipter if you want to see the message
            1. key
            2. is when you send a message to someone or a file and it jumbels them up while they are being sent to someone and they need the key to be able to open and access the message and see what it is.
              1. Encryption
              2. The enigma code
                1. it was a secret code that people would send to each other if they were trying to breach a place.
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