Life Of Pi

Ricardo Chavez-S
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Life Of Pi
  1. Setting
    1. Place/Location Pacific Ocean
      1. Time-1970's
      2. Characters
        1. Richard Parker
          1. Fierce
            1. Wild
            2. Pi Patel
              1. Smart
                1. Religious
                2. Orange juice
                  1. Wild
                    1. Calim
                  2. By: Yann Martel
                    1. Theme
                      1. Creatures can be dangerous, but some times they could be one of your best friends.
                        1. In the begin Peter Parker was seen as a dangerous animal, but later in the book Peter Parker became best friends with Pi Patel.
                        2. Main Conflict
                          1. Conflict/Problem-Pi Patel and Richard Parker are stranded in the ocean together.
                            1. Cause-A Rogue wave hit the boat at night which killed mostly everyone except Pi Patel, Richard Parker, Orange juice, A zebra, and hyene.
                            2. Mind Map By: Ricardo Chavez Sanchez
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