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Sydne Sexton
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Sydne Sexton
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Tell Me
1 Joan Bauer
2 Setting
2.1 Place~ Philadelphia, Rosemont
2.2 Time~ Present time
3 Characters
3.1 Anna
3.1.1 Brave Kind
3.2 Mim
3.2.1 Laid back Outgoing
3.3 Parents
3.3.1 Argumentitive Respectful
4 Theme
4.1 Message~ Never give up
4.2 How is it brought out in your story? When the guy said that Anna should probably take a break and Anna said she will never give up
5 Conflict
5.1 Problem~ There is a missing girl and Anna is trying to find her
5.1.1 Cause~ She was taken from her mom
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