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1 Setting
1.1 Modern Times
1.2 All around the world
2 Theme
2.1 The message is that rules aren't for bending, not for anyone.
2.2 The conflict in this story is for the leaders of each team ( 24 teams total) and they are all racing to see who will finish first.
3 Main Conlflict
3.1 There are trackers and stoppers that try to delay you (during the race) and, to try to make you loose.
3.2 There was a bet from the leader of each team that all who loose will loose their title (Prince, Queen, etc.). But if nobody makes it nobody looses anything.
4 Characters
4.1 Adam Story
4.1.1 brave
4.1.2 intelligent
4.2 Meredith
4.2.1 brave
4.2.2 independent
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