The Only Game By Mike Lupica

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The Only Game By Mike Lupica
1 Characters
1.1 Jack Callahan
1.1.1 Athletic/Suppourtive
1.2 Gus Morales
1.2.1 Full of Himself/Tall
1.3 Cassie
1.3.1 Softball Player/ Pitcher
2 Theme
2.2 The theme is don't stop something you love unless your for sure that you want too
2.3 Its brought out in the book by when Jack quit baseball and he realized he didn't think about the future and he realized that he didn't want to quit
3 Main conflict
3.1 Conflict: The conflict is when Jack quits baseball because he isn't sure if he wants to play anymore.
3.2 Cause: Jack's older brother died in a motorcycle crash and he was Jack's main supporter
4 Setting
4.1 Place: Walton Pennsylvania
4.2 Time: Modern
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