Historical Approaches

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historical approaches to psychology

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Historical Approaches
1 the history of psych is a history of alternative perspectives
2 Structuralism
2.1 Wilhelm Wundt is generally acknowledged as establishing modern psych as a separate, formal field of study
2.1.1 he was a structuralist...he was interested in the basic elements of human experience
2.1.2 he developed a method of self-observation called introspection
3 Functionalism
3.1 William James is often called the "father of psychology"
3.1.1 he wrote the first textbook of psych, The Principles of Psychology
3.1.2 functionalists study how animals and people adapt to their environments
4 Inheritable Traits
4.1 Sir Francis Galton wanted to understand how heredity influences a person's abilities, character, and behavior
4.1.1 he concluded that genius or eminence is a hereditary trait he did not consider the possibility that the tendency of genius to run in socioeconomic advantages that also tend to surround such families
4.1.2 Galton's book, Inquiries into Human Faculty, raised the issue of whether behavior is determined by heredity or environment
5 Gestalt Psychology
5.1 a group of German psychologists argued that perception is more than a sum of its parts- it involves a "whole pattern", or in German, a Gestalt
5.1.1 Gestalt Psychologists studied how sensations are assembled into perceptual experiences This approach became the forerunner for cognitive approaches to the study of psychology
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