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May B by-Caroline Starr Rose


Mind map
Abigail Reakes
Mind Map by Abigail Reakes, updated more than 1 year ago
Abigail Reakes
Created by Abigail Reakes over 6 years ago

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May B by-Caroline Starr Rose
  1. Setting
    1. The Oblinger's soddy
      1. May's soddy
      2. Winter
        1. Fall
        2. Characters
          1. May B
            1. Kind
              1. May is kind for helping the Oblinger's and not complaining.
              2. Recourceful
                1. May really had to use her resources when the weather came. If she wasn't recourceful, then she would
              3. Hiram
                1. Caring
                  1. Hiram is caring and helps May and his family out.
                  2. Funny
                    1. Hiram is always playing around and messing with May.
                  3. Mr. Oblinger
                    1. Quiet
                      1. Mr. Oblinger doesn't talk much and he fades into the backround.
                      2. Helpful
                        1. He helps Mr. Chapman and he works well with other people.
                      3. Mrs. Oblinger
                        1. Snotty
                          1. She is rich and hates living on the prairie, because she is so used to being spoiled and living in the city.
                          2. Proper
                        2. Main Conflict
                          1. Mrs Oblinger ran away through the prairie, and when Mr. Oblinger finds out, he goes running after her.
                            1. Mrs. Oblinger was tired of living so far out from the city, and decides she is done living out in the prairie.
                            2. May is left alone with very little supplies to last her through the winter.
                            3. Theme
                              1. May had to believe in herself to survive, even though she had some struggles.
                                1. Theme: You can't always rely on others, because you can do thing if you put your mind to .
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