Lockwood & Co. Mind Map

Kobe Duda
Mind Map by Kobe Duda, updated more than 1 year ago
Kobe Duda
Created by Kobe Duda almost 5 years ago


Kobe Duda's Mind Map for the book for his book project, Lockwood & Co.

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Lockwood & Co. Mind Map
1 Setting
1.1 London
1.2 Modern
2 Characters
2.1 George
2.1.1 Thorough
2.1.2 Cautious
2.2 Lucy
2.2.1 Daring
2.2.2 Talented
2.3 Lockwood
2.3.1 Couragous
2.3.2 Humorous
3 Main Conflict
3.1 Lockwood & Co. owe a woman 60,000 pounds
3.2 They owe her because they burnt down her house while investigating for ghosts
4 Theme
4.1 Why? Because Lockwood & Co. embarked on a dangerous mission and were rewarded
4.2 It pays to take risks
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