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Elements of the Book Thief by Markus Zuask


This is my Mind Map for a book project in school.
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Elements of the Book Thief by Markus Zuask
  1. Theme
    1. I think the theme in the Book Thief is that humans have the capability to resilient back, with the right tools
      1. How the theme is brought out in this book, is by how to story is told by death, who is always marveling at the humans capability. When Liesel learns how to read, and meets Max, she starts becoming stronger and braver, even after tradgedies.
      2. Setting
        1. 1939-1943
          1. Himmel Street, Munich, Germany.
          2. Characters
            1. Max
              1. Black feather like hair, and a skinny body
                1. Strong, but always scared.
                2. Liesel
                  1. Blonde hair, scrawny but full of muscle.
                    1. Confident and very smart.
                    2. Rudy
                      1. Lemon colored hair, and very skinny.
                        1. Adventrous and full of mischief.
                      2. Main conflict
                        1. Liesel's family has brought in a jew, risking all of their lifes especially since they live in Germany.
                          1. cause-- The cause of this conflict is because Hans is Liesel's foster dad. Hans knew Max's father. In the war, Max's dad saved Hans. Hans swore to repay Max's dad. In the end, the repaying was that Hans family had to bring in Max.
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