What is a Psychologist?

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what is a psychologist?

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What is a Psychologist?
1 psychologists are people who have been trained to observe, analyze, and evaluate behavior
2 Psychiatry is different- it is a specialty of medicine
3 Clinical Psychologist
3.1 help people deal with their personal problems
3.2 work mainly in private offices, mental hospitals, prisons, and clinics
4 Counseling Psychologists
4.1 usually in schools and industrial firms, advising and assisting people with the problems of everyday life...they help people adjust to the challenges of life
5 school psychologists help young people with emotional or learning problems
6 Developmental Psychologists
6.1 study physical, emotional, cognitive, and social changes that occur throughout life
7 Educational Psychologists
7.1 deal with topics related to teaching children and young adults, such as intelligence, memory, problem solving, and motivation
8 Community Psychologist
8.1 may work in a mental health or social welfare agency operated by the state or local government or a private organization...may help design, run, or evaluate a mental health clinic
9 Industrial/organizational Psychologists
9.1 employed by business firms and government agencies to help their workers and working conditions, etc
10 Experimental Psychologists
10.1 study how humans and animals operate physically and psychologically
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