Elements of the novel

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quarter 1 mind map

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Elements of the novel
  1. Rules
    1. Characters:
      1. Catherine
        1. Outgoing / Brave
        2. David
          1. Loud / Serious
          2. Jason
            1. Shy / Smart
            2. Kristi
              1. Independent / Mature
            3. Setting:
              1. Catherine's House
                1. Time: Summer
                2. Main Conflict
                  1. Cause: The cause is that Catherine's new neighbor Kristi was working at the community center to earn a little extra cash, but the community center was having a end of summer dance and Kristi was going to go with some guy named Ryan and she asked Catherine to go but Catherine was scared because she didn't have a date.
                    1. The main conflict is that Catherine doesn't have a date to summer dance but her friend also her neighbor is going and they are in a fight because Catherine won't go because she doesn't have a date and she doesn't want to be alone.
                    2. Theme
                      1. Catherine has a handy capped friend and she is scared to go to the dance with him because she thinks people would make fun of him.
                        1. It doesn't matter who your friends are
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