Elements of the Novel

Mitchell Vermost
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Mitchell Vermost
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quarter 1 mind map

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Elements of the Novel
  1. Characters
    1. Loki
      1. is a dog
        1. has a good nose
        2. Gus Demsey
          1. is a U.S. Marine
            1. is smart
            2. zach
              1. Gus's brother
                1. likes fantasy
              2. Setting
                1. Afghanistan
                  1. Modern day
                  2. Main Conflict
                    1. A Marine and his dog have to get a long and save lives.
                      1. Marines are fighting over seas and it is unsafe because of IED's.
                      2. Theme
                        1. Never give up.
                          1. When Gus gas a hard time with his dog in training and when a fellow marine dies.
                          2. Dog Tags: Semper Fido
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