The Elements of a Novel

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The Elements of a Novel
  1. Characters
    1. Ali
      1. Queen Bee
        1. Missing
        2. Emily
          1. Swimmer
            1. Kind
            2. Spencer
              1. Smart
                1. Brave
                2. Aria
                  1. Fragile
                    1. Fearful
                    2. Hannah
                      1. Fasionable
                        1. A little Bartly
                      2. Pretty Little Liars
                        1. By: Sara Shepard
                        2. Theme
                          1. The theme of the story is to watch what you say because sometimes your words can come back to get you.
                            1. And its brought out in the book because Ali is like a bully and someone murders her because of the things she says
                            2. Main Confict
                              1. Confict: Ali dies and someone named "A" is harasssing the girls and they don't know who it is.
                                1. Cause: "A" got bullied by Ali
                                2. Setting: Rosewood, PA
                                  1. Time: Peresent
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