quarter 2 mind map

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quarter 2 mind map

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quarter 2 mind map
  1. Tides of War: Blood in the Water
    1. Characters
      1. Cory McNab
        1. wanted to be a navy seal
          1. embarrassed
          2. Kaj
            1. is a dolphin
              1. is good at finding things in the ocean
              2. Landon
                1. is a navy seal
                  1. tough
                2. Setting
                  1. Modern Day
                    1. the Pacific Ocean
                    2. Theme
                      1. Even tho you don't have a high honor you can still do good tings.
                        1. I was brought out in the book by McNab not making the navy seals but coming through in he end.
                        2. Conflict
                          1. The conflict in this book is that McNab and his dolphin need to destroy an undercover sub that get stuck.
                            1. The cause of the problem is that McNab didn't make the seals so now he has to prove himself and Kaj has to destroy the sub.
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