Escape from MR. lemoncello's library Mason Smith.

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Escape from MR. lemoncello's library Mason Smith.
  1. THEME
    1. It was brought out in the book by that kyle Keeley wanted to work as a team to get out of the libary
      1. Working together as a team you can do anything you put your mind to.
      2. Main conflict
        1. The cause of the conflict is that Kyle put an easy to be one of the first people in the library and Mrs.Lemenchelo lock them in the library and they have to find a way out.
          1. The main conflict is that kyle team can not get out of the library that Mr. Lemoncello made.
          2. SETTING
            1. May 28 2014
              1. In the library in Alexandrea
            2. Characters
              1. Akimi
                1. Loves to play games and is nice
                  1. Has a great personalltey and always tries his best
                  2. kyle
                    1. loves to play games and is nice.
                      1. Is kind of smart and has 2 older brother
                      2. Mr Lemenchelo
                        1. is really sneaking with what he does
                          1. He is really rich and he is nice.
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