Psychology Ch. 1

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Psychology Modern Perspectives- Ch. 1

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Psychology Ch. 1
1 Structuralism: study of the structure of the conscience
1.1 Wilhelm Wundt, Titchner
2 Functionalism: study of the stream of thought versus elements of the mind; focus on functioning in the real world
2.1 William James
3 Gestalt Psychology: perceiving organization
4 Psychoanalysis: emphasis on unconscious mind controlling behavior
4.1 Sigmund Freud
5 Behaviorism: science of behavior; observable stimuli and responses
5.1 Pavlov, Watson
6 Modern Perspectives
6.1 Biopsychological: neurological events
6.2 Sociocultural: study groups and social roles
6.3 Psychodynamic: development of self, social relationships, and motivation
6.4 Behavioral: operant conditioning
6.5 Humanistic: humans are basically good; they strive for self actualization
6.6 Cognitive: intelligence, memory, language
6.7 Evolutionary: mental traits shared by humans
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