Elements of the novel

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Elements of the novel
1 Characters
1.1 Name-Norman
1.1.1 Reads a lot- He loves books for the adventure and the story
1.1.2 Smart-He reads a lot and does good in school
1.2 Name-"Doolin"
1.2.1 Bully- By messing with the main characters for five years straight for fun
1.2.2 Mean-He just is he shoves, he hits, brings baseball bats to attack people
1.3 Name-Rafe Khatchadorian
1.3.1 Gets into trouble-Gets kicked out of school twice for messing with the rules.
1.3.2 Characteristic-Smart- Can think of plans to stop bullies and help people
2 Main Conflict
2.1 Conflict/Problem-Bullies are bullying the losers.
2.2 Cause-Because they are bullies and don't care.
3 Theme
3.1 Message/ Theme- Stand up to Bullies
3.2 How brought out in book-By introducing the bullies of the camp near the start,
4 Setting
4.1 Place/Location-Camp Wannamorra Summer School
4.2 Time-Summer
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