Someone Named Eva

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Someone Named Eva
1 Setting
1.1 Location: Czechoslovakia, Poland, and German
1.2 Time: May 1942-October 1945
2 By: Joan M, Wolf
3 Characters
3.1 Mama
3.1.1 She was sent to a work camp and survived
3.1.2 Milada's mother
3.2 Babichka
3.2.1 Loves teaching Milada about the stars
3.2.2 She is the grandmother of Milada
3.3 MIlada/Eva:
3.3.1 Loves looking at the stars.
3.3.2 She is sent to be part of the Aryan Race.
4 Main Conflict
4.1 Cause: Hitler caused all that happened.
4.2 Conflict: Milada (Eva) is taken away from her family and into the Aryan Race during the Holocaust for 3 years.
5 Theme
5.1 It is stated through out the whole book. Babichka says it to Milada.
5.2 Message: "Remember who you are, always"
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