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The Elite


book project
Natalie Baumgard
Mind Map by Natalie Baumgard, updated more than 1 year ago
Natalie Baumgard
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The Elite
  1. Setting
    1. In the future.
      1. Angeles at the Palace in the future United States.
      2. Characters
        1. America
          1. One of the 2 prince's favorites.
            1. She has red hair and is a 5, the lowest caste left in the competition.
            2. Aspen
              1. He has dark hair and green eyes.
                1. America's ex-boyfriend that is now a palace guard so he can stay close to her.
                2. Maxon
                  1. The prince of Illea.
                    1. Very strong and has never felt true love.
                  2. Theme
                    1. You have to learn the theme of this book by finding it through America's experience.
                      1. I think the theme of this book is stay strong and don't quit something you have started until you finish it.
                      2. Main Conflict
                        1. Conflict: America is fighting for the crown against 4 other girls. America is the lowest caste of the 5 left and is likely to lose the competition according to the people.
                          1. Cause: Once the Prince is old enough to marry, the palace holds a selection. The Selection chooses 35 girls out of the nation that want to be chosen for the selection. America was one of them, now there are 5 left and America is still in the competition.
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