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The Martin


book project
Ricardo Chavez-S
Mind Map by Ricardo Chavez-S, updated more than 1 year ago
Ricardo Chavez-S
Created by Ricardo Chavez-S over 6 years ago

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The Martin
  1. By: Andy Weir
    1. Mind Map By: Ricardo Chavez-Sanchez
      1. Main Charters
        1. Mark Watney
          1. Funny
            1. Intelligent
              1. Botanist
                1. Resourceful
                2. Venkat Kapoor
                  1. Intelligent
                    1. Debatable
                    2. Lewis
                      1. Hardworking
                        1. Cooperative
                      2. Setting
                        1. Mars/Earth
                          1. Year 2035-2038
                          2. Main Conflict
                            1. Conflict/Problem-Mark Watney has 4 years till Ares 4 (next Mars mission) gets to Mars, and only has limited amount of food, which he only has 300 days worth of food.
                              1. Cause-A sand storm with wind from 150 kph-175 kph that made the communication dish to fly to Mark Watney stomach area. Then that made it seem like he died. So then the crew left think that Mark Watney was died but he really wasn't.
                              2. Theme
                                1. One day everything is going to go south on you. You can ether accept that and give up, or get back to work and keep trying.
                                  1. How it was shown in the book-In the Martin, Mark Watney experience a lot of success and a lot of failures. In the book Mark Watney has to survive 400 days on Mars with only 300 day worth of food. He instead of sitting there waiting till he died went to work. He grew potato plants in a plant that nothing grow, but then the front airlock exploded which killed all his plants. He didn't give up there, he instead sealed the hole and kept working.
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