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mind map on the novel Echo written by Pam Munoz Ryan

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1 Setting
1.1 Time
1.1.1 Fredrich-1933
1.1.2 Ivy-1942
1.1.3 Mike and Frankie-1935
1.2 Place/Location
1.2.1 Fredrich- Germany
1.2.2 Mike and Frankie-Pennsylvania
1.2.3 Ivy- Southern California
2 Pam Mun
3 Characters
3.1 Frankie Flannery
3.1.1 Hopeful- Hopes his adopter might love him
3.1.2 Dependent- he is dependent on Mike, and will not let them be separated
3.2 Fredrich Schimdt
3.2.1 Self Conscious- feels like everyone is staring at birthkmark
3.2.2 Unconditional Love- even though his sister believes in Hitler, he still loves her
3.3 Ivy Maria Lopez
3.3.1 Trustworthy- kept secrets to protect those she loved
3.3.2 Musical- She fought to be able to play music
3.4 Mike Flannery
3.4.1 Selfless- gives up what he wants for Frankie
3.4.2 Protective- makes sure Frankie isn't hurt or bullied
4 Theme
4.1 Theme: Music heals your heart
4.2 How Brought out in book
4.2.1 Every time the characters got in trouble they would use music to take away their problems and worries
5 Main Conflict
5.1 Problem/Conflict
5.1.1 Fredrich- has to escape Germany and the Nazis
5.1.2 Mike and Frankie- has to find family
5.1.3 Ivy- has to move away from best friend Ivy- has to go to Americanization school
5.2 Cause
5.2.1 Fredrich- Hitler hates Jews and Jew lovers
5.2.2 Ivy- her father gets job that is out of there town Ivy- the main school claims Mexicans are dirty and have illness
5.2.3 Mike and Frankie- grandma and mom die leaving them in orphanage
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