The Genius Files License to Thrill

Joseph Beeth
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Joseph Beeth
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The Genius Files License to Thrill
  1. Setting
    1. present
      1. Southwest and West United States
      2. Pepsi Mcdonald
        1. angry
          1. solver
        2. Charcters
          1. Coke Mcdonald
            1. genius
              1. Brave
              2. Herman Warshaw
                1. revenge
                  1. insane
                2. Theme
                  1. They fought through the people trying to kill them and their problem finally ended
                    1. preserver through your problems
                    2. Main Conflict
                      1. Herman Warshaw wants all Genius files people dead
                        1. Warshaw has a nuclear bomb and is going to set it off to kill Pepsi and Coke.
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