Gaby, Lost and Found

Evelyn Wilson
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Evelyn Wilson
Created by Evelyn Wilson about 4 years ago
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Gaby, Lost and Found
1 Characters
1.1 Alma
1.1.1 Gaby's best friend
1.1.2 She ends up "adopting" Gaby into her family
1.2 Gaby
1.2.1 Gaby is the main character, her mom and dad are divorced, and she never sees her mom.
1.2.2 Her mom was arrested for crossing the border from Mexico into the United States
1.3 Dr. Villalobos
1.3.1 Animal Shelter Doctor
1.3.2 He is kind of a weird man. He has tattoos all over his body, but he's really nice to Gaby.
2 Setting
2.1 Place\Location: Gaby and Alma's houses and the Animal Shelter (Furry Friends)
2.2 Time: Mordern
3 Theme
3.1 Message/Theme- Love, Care and friendship
3.2 How brought out in the book- Gaby loves a cat named Feather who hasn't been adopted yet and takes care of her everyday her class works there.
4 Main Conflict
4.1 Conflict/Problems- Gaby's mom can't come homebecause it's too dangerous. Mean people want to adopt Feather
4.2 Cause- Her mom was deported to Honduras. She works hard to make money to come home but her aunt becomes sick and spends her money on her instead of coming home.

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