Stella by Starlight

Emily Yost
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This is my mind map for my book project.

Emily Yost
Created by Emily Yost about 4 years ago
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Stella by Starlight
1 Theme: Everyone is equal no matter their skin color.
1.1 Stella's dad voted and stood up for black people.
2 Setting
2.1 Middle 1900's
2.2 A small town
3 Conflict: Black people aren't being recognized and are being put behind whites.
3.1 cause: White people think they are better just because their skin looks different.
4 Characters: Stella
4.1 Optimistic
4.1.1 Determind
5 Characters: Jojo
5.1 Energetic
5.1.1 Happy
6 Characters: Mama
6.1 Maternal
6.1.1 caring

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