Just a Drop of Water

Hannah Stebly
Mind Map by , created about 4 years ago

This is my Language Arts Book Project.

Hannah Stebly
Created by Hannah Stebly about 4 years ago
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Lauren Schmidt
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How Lunchbox Jones Saved Me From Robots,Traitors and Missy the Cruel
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Robyn Chamberlain
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Elements of "Life of Pi"
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Tell Me
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Life Of Pi
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The Only Game By Mike Lupica
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Just a Drop of Water
1 Setting
1.1 Sep 2001
1.2 Florida
2 Characters
2.1 Jake
2.1.1 Stubborn
2.1.2 Brave
2.2 Jake's Mom
2.2.1 Scared
2.2.2 Insecure
2.3 Sam
2.3.1 Productive
2.3.2 Brave
3 Main Conflict
3.1 Cause-The Madinas are Muslim, and Mr. Madina helped one of the terrorists at his bank (It's his job.)
3.2 Conflict/Problem-The Twin Towers are struck down, causing panic to erupt all over the country.Mr. Madina (Sam's Dad) is taken by the FBI. Sam is getting bullied.
4 Theme
4.1 How brought out in the book-Jake sticks up for his Muslim friend Sam (Sep. 11, 2001) by using words and physical movements. It is good of Jake to stick up for his beliefs and his friend, but there can be major consequences.
4.2 Message/Theme-Sticking up for what you believe in is the right thing to do, but you must do it calmly and peacefully. Or there will be consequences.

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