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Secondary, Thanaphat
Mind Map by Secondary, Thanaphat, updated more than 1 year ago
Secondary, Thanaphat
Created by Secondary, Thanaphat over 6 years ago

Resource summary

  1. hackers
    1. stolen information
      1. update security and avoid untrusted apps
    2. cyber bullies
      1. mean text or posts
        1. avoid them meanies
      2. virus
        1. broken electronic devices
          1. technician/ anti-virus
          2. loss of information
            1. get anti-virus apps
            1. digital foot print
              1. what you do on the internet now can affect your future
                1. don't do wierd stuff on the internet
              2. accounts
                1. your account can be stolen by people who have info such as email of you
                  1. dont give any account info away to an untrusted personel
                2. social media
                  1. posted pictures are avaliable to the public
                    1. dont post things you dont want in public
                    2. personal info stolen
                      1. don't give away your personal info
                      2. innapropriate content
                        1. dont befreind strangers
                      3. strangers acting your age
                        1. kidnapping
                          1. dont talk to strangers
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