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  1. What is E-Safety
    1. Being safe online
      1. Protectecting you from content that is illegal and inappropriate.
        1. Blocks contacts which are unknown or could be illegal
          1. It helps you know the dangers of social medid
          2. What could happen if you are not safe online
            1. They could blackmail you to do something dangerous
              1. People can access your private details
                1. You could get bullied online and be forced to do the wrong thing
                  1. You might interact with the wrong crowd;you could get into trouble
                  2. How widespread is the issue
                    1. A 1/5 of children said that they had seen a video that was aimed to bully them
                      1. Children are suffering by internet risks online;these include children under 16
                        1. 70% of children between 8-17 seen inappropriate images and videos for their age
                          1. Safety services said this was dissapointing that children were bullied everyday on social media
                          2. The responsibility
                            1. Even though it is children who are online,parents are also responsible for the child's actions
                              1. Most of all,it is your responsibility to what happens to you online
                                1. If you are allowed internet access at school,it is also the teacher's responsibility if you are unsafe online
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