One for the Murphy's

Loralei Shoemake
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One for the Murphy's
1 Setting
1.1 Connecticut
1.2 Modern time
2 Characters
2.1 Carly
2.1.1 Nice
2.1.2 Tough
2.2 Mrs. Murphy
2.2.1 Caring
2.2.2 Kind
2.3 Daniel
2.3.1 Athletic
2.3.2 Mean
3 Main Conflict
3.1 Carly was in an accident involving her Mom and Step Dad.
3.2 Carly is trying to choose whether or not to let the foster mom except her.
4 Theme
4.1 Whenever Mrs. Murphy is trying to care about Carly, she uses a mean attitude.
4.2 You can't keep pushing away the person who cares the most.
5 By: Lynda Mullaly Hunt
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