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Technology in...


Information systems overview
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Technology in...
  1. LAW
    1. Intellectual property, patents, pracy and privacy.
      1. Firms need legal teams to:
        1. are there plans legal?
          1. protect proprietary methods and content
            1. enforce claims home and abroad
          2. ACCOUNTING
            1. The reliability of any audit is tied to reliability of underlying technology
              1. Regulation has strengthened the link
                1. Sarbanes‐Oxley Act: Raised the executive and board responsibilities and ties criminal penalties to certain accounting and financial violations.
              2. MARKETING
                1. Firms use online channels to track and monitor consumer activities.
                  1. shifting spending from traditional media to the Web
                    1. Track customers
                      1. Analyze campaign results
                        1. Modify tactics
                        2. Social Media
                          1. Generate sales
                            1. Improve their reputations
                              1. Better serve customers
                              2. Search engine marketing (SEM)
                                1. search engine optimisation (SEM)
                                  1. customer relationship management (CRM)
                                    1. Personalisation systems
                                      1. Gathering data vs respecting privacy
                                      2. HR
                                        1. organise teams
                                          1. employee training, screening and evaluation
                                            1. recruiting has moved online
                                              1. professional social networks have added pressure on employee satusfaction and retention
                                                1. blogs, linkedin, twitter can set you apart in good and bad way.
                                              2. Tech - centric operations
                                                1. quality programs
                                                  1. process redesign
                                                    1. supply chain management
                                                      1. factory automation
                                                        1. service operations
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