Civil War

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Civil War
  1. Abraham Lincoln
    1. 16th President
      1. Wrote & delivered the Gettysburg Address
        1. The Battle of Bull Run persuaded Lincoln for a better army
          1. President Lincoln ordered General John Pope to march directly to Richmond from Washington
          2. Battles
            1. Battles of Manassas
              1. Manassas,Virginia
                1. July 21, 1861
                  1. General George B. McClellan assembled a high disciplined forces of 100,000
                    1. was the first major battle of the Civil War, and the Confederates' victory
                      1. It shattered the Union's hopes for winning the war quickly
                      2. Battle of Shiloh
                        1. Union gained greater control of the Mississippi during The Battle of Shiloh
                        2. Second Battle of Bull Run
                          1. Jackson's troops August in 1862. The three-day battle.
                          2. Clash of The Ironclads
                            1. Heavily armored ships protected with iron or ironclads
                            2. Battle of Chancellorsville
                              1. Battle of Antietam
                                1. it was known as The Battle of Sharpsburg
                                  1. was a single-day battle
                                    1. was also known as the bloodiest war of the Civil War
                                      1. there was a total of about 25,000 casualties
                                        1. More soldiers died in this battle than all Americans in the American Revolutionary War
                                          1. The Union won the battle of Antietam
                                            1. also known as The Battle of Sharpsburg
                                            2. Battle of Fredricksburg
                                              1. Seven Days' Battles
                                                1. On June 26, Robert E. Lee launched a series of clashes and forced the Union to retreat from near Richmond
                                                  1. North retreated South won
                                                2. Generals
                                                  1. Northern Generals
                                                    1. McClellan
                                                      1. Slowly bring the force through
                                                      2. Mc Dowell
                                                        1. Wanted to control the best route road
                                                        2. Ulysses S. Grant
                                                        3. Southern Generals
                                                          1. Stonewall Jackson
                                                            1. Held his ground "StoneWall"
                                                              1. Stonewall was later on killed by friendly fire
                                                              2. Robert E. Lee
                                                              3. Admiral David Farragut
                                                                1. Approached the two forts that guarded the entrance to New Orleans from the Gulf of Mexico
                                                              4. South's Advantages
                                                                1. The South's troops were more stronger and more intellilgent than
                                                                  1. strategic
                                                                  2. North Advantages
                                                                    1. Union had more troops & materials than the South
                                                                      1. Had LOTS of Exports
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