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Civil War


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Civil War
  1. Abraham Lincoln.
    1. President
      1. Wrote and delivered the gettysburg address.
        1. Battles
          1. first battle bull run
            1. Mcdowell
              1. Union
                1. Stone Wall Jackson
                  1. Confedrate died 626,000
              2. Mcclellan
                1. Union
                  1. Union soilders died 626,000
                    1. grant was put in charge instead of mcclellan.
                      1. mcclellan was hesitating to charge so grant
          2. Abraham Lincoln died Apirl 15 1865.
            1. He delivered the gettysburg address got shot after the war.
          3. Copperheads
            1. They supported the Southeren States to leave the Union Lincoln put them in jail.
            2. The Battle Of Antietam.
              1. It was the bloodyest war in history.
                1. 25000 men died
                  1. The south won the war.
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