Fluid connective tissue

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chapter 4

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Fluid connective tissue
  1. blood and lymph are connective tissue fluid matrix that surrounds cells includes many suspended proteins that do not form insoluble fibers
    1. in blood, watery matrix is called plasma
      1. plasma — contains formed elements — blood cells and fragments of cells
        1. RBC
          1. WBC
            1. platelets
          2. body has a lot of extracellular fluid, includes three subdivisions — plasma, interstitial fluid, lymph
          3. Fluid tissue transport systems
            1. plasma — confined to vessels of cardiovascular system
              1. arteries — carry blood away from heart and into tissues of body
                1. in those tissues, blood pressure forces water and small solutes out of bloodstream across walls of capillaries (smallest blood vessel)
                  1. remaining blood flows from capillaries into veins that return to heart
                    1. lymph — forms as interstitial fluid enters lymphatic vessels monitored by immune system so lymph transported by lymphatic (lymphoid) system lymphatic vessels return lymph to large veins near heart (venous system)
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