Unanswered Prayers

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Religion and Life GCSE Topics 1.7 and 1.8

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Unanswered Prayers
1 Leading to agnosticism/atheism (1.7)
1.1 Never feel the presence of God
1.1.1 Not praying correctly
1.1.2 No God listening to them
1.1.3 Eventually thinking that there is no God
1.2 No one is listening to their prayers
1.3 Wonder about a God who answers some prayers but not all
1.4 Question or reject the existence of God
1.5 Unanswered prayers become evidence
2 Theism (1.8)
2.1 God answers all prayers
2.1.1 Must have faith to have prayers answered
2.2 Unanswered prayers can be explained
2.2.1 If the prayer is selfish it will not be granted, to encourage working hard.
2.2.2 If the prayer is personal, it may be answered differently because God has other plans
2.3 God loves people and so we should trust his judgement.
2.4 Not always looking like a direct answer

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