Soil, Lake and Air acidity

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Mind map of soil air and lake acidity

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Soil, Lake and Air acidity
  1. Soil
    1. Ideal pH: 5.5 to 7.0
      1. Ideal for most plants
        1. makes it acidic
          1. Organic matter and minerals that break down
            1. too much water
              1. washes out Mg, K, Ca
                1. help soil to stay in its ideal pH
              2. use of too high-nitrogen synthetic fertilisers
                1. contain ammonia
                2. Acid rain
                  1. atmospheric water reacts with sulfur and nitrogen compounds
                    1. polution
                      1. makes it acidic
                        1. kills some kinds of plants and animals
                    2. deficiency in some nutrients needed for plants
                      1. affects plant growth
                  2. neutralizing soil
                    1. adding agricultural limestone
                      1. acidic soil + lime = neutral clay + Water+ Carbon Dioxide + Aluminum Oxide
                  3. Lake
                    1. Ideal pH: 6 to 8.5
                      1. Acid Rain
                        1. Rain that brings impurities to the water when the soil is dirty
                          1. neutralizing water
                            1. synthetic magnesium oxide + water
                            2. Makes it acidic
                            3. Air
                              1. makes it acidic
                                1. pollution
                                  1. Acid gases thats cause pollution
                                    1. Natural causes: Volcanoes
                                      1. Man-made: Industries
                                      2. causes acid rain
                                        1. can travel really far
                                          1. can cause breathing problems
                                        2. neutralization
                                          1. filtering the air
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