Engineering Project - Mechanical Lift

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engineering project mechanical lift

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Engineering Project - Mechanical Lift
1 Design
1.1 Based on single pillar lifts as can be seen in the image
1.2 Compact, transportable design ensures it is more practical in a garage environment
1.3 Lift would move up and down on a long thread or worm gear
2 Construction
2.1 Would be made of forged steel because of its relatively low cost and large strength
2.2 All components welded where possible to provide strength
2.3 When building a prototype, it will be as accurate and as scaled as possible however it may prove impossible to find correct scale parts e.g. motors, castors etc, so it will just have to be a representation of my final product
3 Research to Undertake
3.1 Strength calculations/stress strain etc.
3.2 Correct scale for prototype
3.3 Costs of materials
4 Features
4.1 Small footprint
4.2 Moveable
4.3 Sprung castors allows for it to be moved when not in use and still offer effective lifting
4.4 Plate would sit on arms of lift bed when different sized objects need lifting, not just vehicles
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